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QUIZ: Is Red Meat Truly Your Thing?

red meat quiz

Hmm, a red meat quiz!  The star of all grills and barbecues, a staple food of our earliest ancestors, and a must for an overall healthy diet. There is no beef about that. And it tastes even better when paired with a dry red wine.

So, is red meat one of your favorite things? Let’s find out by doing this quiz!

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Well, I love to eat! I guess I always did. Tasty foods, traditional foods, fast-foods, healthy foods, and, again, not so healthy ones. You name it. However, in time I kind of built on this habit and, slowly but surely, I began to turn toward the Mediterranean cuisine and, occasionally, even the Mediterranean diet. I am a curious and inquisitive person. So, pretty soon, I started trying to recreate what I’ve tasted or seen. At first, this proved to be hard work for my better half, as she supervised my new experiments. But lately, the results really started to show, so wish me luck!

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