QUIZ: Global Cuisines – Are You Connected to the World?

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How about global cuisines? You know, those world-renown pieces of cultural heritage, that we all cherish and consume. Try and answer some of these questions and see where you stand. Some of these food facts are known all too well by everybody (pizza comes from Italy, right?), but this is only scratching the surface of the incredibly interesting subject of food culture.


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#1. The ‘muffuletta’ bread (but not its namesake sandwich) comes from …

#2. And while we are at it, where was the ‘muffuletta’ sandwich invented?

#3. Halloumi cheese, made from goat milk and sheep milk, originated in …

#4. In order to prepare a ‘cacciatore’ you’ll need this type of meat:

#5. An ‘eclair’ is made using this type of dough:

#6. Mediterranean cuisine includes these four culinary regions of today, among others:

#7. These three sauces are part of Mediterranean cuisine:

#8. Which one is a wrap?

#9. Mousse VS. ganache. What’s the difference?

#10. One of these is a type of sushi. Which one?

#11. Can you point out the staple sauce/dip of Eastern Mediterranean culinary region? Hint: it’s made from sesame seeds.

#12. In order to prepare the extra-sweet ‘baklava’ one needs …

#13. And ‘marzipan’ is made from …

#14. Tofu is made by coagulating …

#15. ‘Teriyaki’ is …


Now try your hand with some of our recipes inspired to us by the global cuisines. Feel free to browse through our extensive collection:


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