New Cooking Appliance Acts as Both an Instant Pot and Airfryer So You Don’t Have to Buy Both

New Cooking Appliance Acts As Both An Instant Pot And Airfryer So You Don't Have To Buy Both

The two kitchen appliances that virtually everyone owns these days are the Instant Pot and some type of airfryer. They’ve both gained popularity in recent years and have made pressure cooking and oil-free frying household techniques. Now, a new device called the “Ninja Foodi” is combining the two devices into one so you don’t have to have both crowding up kitchen space.

New Cooking Appliance Acts As Both An Instant Pot And Airfryer So You Don't Have To Buy Both

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Scientifically, it’s a little bit strange to put together a pressure cooker and airfryer. One works off of hot steam, and the other utilizes dry air. By doing so, however, you can pull off some culinary wizardry that would be nearly impossible otherwise.

One example of this magic is the ability to cook an adequately-seared steak from frozen. After transferring the steak straight from your freezer into the Foodi, it pressure cooks it to an appropriate temperature. A “crisping lid” then blasts hot air to caramelize the outside, ensuring your steak is both browned and cooked through. Not bad for coming straight out of a cryo-sleep

That’s not all this appliance is capable of. It has the potential to pressure cook ribs in half an hour, then crisp them and develop a sticky glaze without having to transfer to an oven. You can cook whole chickens, and the air fryer will ensure they don’t look anemic. Brunch lovers can build a frittata inside the cooker, steam it to perfection, and then broil it for a crispy brown exterior. Gameday preppers looking to get their wings done fast can also use this device to cook them straight outta the freezer bag, and even add a sauce that properly coats the wings.

The Foodi also has functions outside of the pressure cooker and airfryer combo it is. You can still do things like slow cook chili, cook rice, or even broil sausages. However, it’s that combination of the two technologies and the saving of kitchen space that really makes it stand out.

At $180, the Foodi’s cost is comparable to buying both an Instant Pot and airfryer. Thus, there’s no real economic advantage to owning one of these. However, it can still accomplish things that either of the devices it combines cannot on their own, making it a unique tool to have when trying to make a roast dinner on the fly.

If you’re interested in checking one of these out for yourself, you can find the Ninja Foodi at various retailers nationwide, as well as on Ninja’s website.

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