Is This Rainbow Glitter Pizza Another Eye Roll Trend, or Is It Actually GOOD?

Is This Rainbow Glitter Pizza Another Eye Roll Trend, Or Is It Actually GOOD?

I’ve seen the unicorn and rainbow movement come and go. Frankly, once fast food chains like Starbucks introduced their take on unicorn items, we knew the trend had jumped the multi-colored shark.

Washed trend or not, one place is standing by that magical look.

Dagwood’s Pizza, located in Santa Monica, CA, introduced a vibrant glitter-topped pizza a few years back at the height of the unicorn rainbow food trend.

Call the Magical AF Pizza, the menu item starts as a simple cheese pizza before undergoing a multi-colored metamorphosis into something resembling what a unicorn yakked up after a night of heavy drinking.

On its initial run, the item was more or less just a novelty specialty that the pizzeria offered. The restaurant tells us, however, the Magical AF Pizza was blasted on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, leading to a resurgence in popularity and its return to the menu.

We went down to Santa Monica to check out that pizza for ourselves. Was it actually a tasty pizza? Or just another novelty trend item that has us rolling our eyes?

Our man on the ground Reach got a hold of the glitter pizza and had this to say:

“It’s eye-catching and eye-rolling all at once. But at least it doesn’t taste gross like other unicorn-themed food.”

When it comes to these Instagram-friendly items, that’s all you can ask for, really. As long as it has the flavor to back up the off-the-wall silliness of the aesthetic, there really isn’t much you can complain about.

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