Hooters Goes Meatless With New ‘Unreal’ Wings

After tons of burger, taco, and sandwich chains have shown that it can work, it looks like chicken chains are finally following suit.

Hooters has announced the launch of their “Unreal Wings,” which will be their plant-based alternative for those who wish to not partake in meat.

The breastaurant is partnering with Quorn, who already has an established brand of vegetarian “chicken” goods, and introducing meatless wings that will be fried and coated with Hooters’ standard sauces and rubs.

They even put out a boob-tastic video where Hooters girls try the wings, and have their minds blown as if they’ve never heard of plant-based products in their entire lives.

They’re still very careful to stop short of calling them vegan, so if you’re not cool with them being prepped in a meat-filled kitchen, or into the possibility that they’re battered in egg, I’d be cautious about trying these wings.

Still, fans are excited, and that’s probably the ultimate goal that Hooters was trying to achieve, as the prospects of trying the wings have people on Twitter talking:

You’ve gotta hand it to Hooters, as they’re not afraid to try new things. In the past, they’ve wrapped their wings in bacon, and even stuffed them with chorizo before hitting us with this big plant-based announcement.

The new 100% meat-free wings are now available at over 300 Hooters across the U.S.

Written by Isai Rocha. Published with permission from FOODBEAST.com.

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