Healthier Bacon? Imagine the Possibilities

Healthier Bacon? Imagine the Possibilities BLT sandwich

Believe it or not, scientists have found a way to healthier bacon that is supposed to also improve its taste along the way. Consider our interest very much piqued!

As the huge fan of bacon that I am, I fully support bacon science as a legitimate field out there. So how has this news escaped me for so long? Scientists have figured out a way to make healthier bacon that somehow tastes even better than regular bacon. And just in time, too, since we know that bacon really isn’t healthy.

The great fatty cut was included in 2015 in the list of ‘group 1’ carcinogens by the World Health Organization (WHO). So we have all collectively sighed because we were supposed to try and consume less bacon, for health purposes. But what would I have with my sunny side up eggs?

It’s hard to choose something that is considered by the WHO as unhealthy as smoking and plutonium. But how to let go of it?
Luckily, science was on the case, trying to find a way to make bacon and other processed meats less carcinogenic. The problem is in the processing of these meats: smoking them can increase their carcinogen levels.

Healthier Bacon? Imagine the Possibilities

Smoking bacon and other meats can raise carcinogenic levels.

Healthier bacon: what’s the secret?

Food scientists have decided that using filters when smoking the meat can make the process healthier. Jane K. Parker headed the research team at The Flavour Center at the University of Reading in the UK. They decided to use a type of filter known as zeolite, which is also used in the automotive industry. Zeolite is a porous mineral that cuts some of the carcinogenic compounds without ruining the flavor.

Parker and her team presented a study last year and announced the development of a selective filter that reduces the concentrations of the compounds by up to 90 percents. All the while, this healthier bacon maintains the smoky flavor. Some expert tasters actually felt that the bacon was even healthier after the process.

But beyond making bacon healthier, you should keep in mind that cutting back on bacon, red meat, and alcohol can increase your lifespan.

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