Fried Chicken and Donuts Is KFC’s Newest Sweet and Savory Collab

When you think of pairing fried chicken with something sweet, the usual form that comes in is chicken and waffles. Only a few outliers, like some food festival and county fair vendors, have transitioned over to utilizing donuts.

KFC is getting on this fair play with a classic combo now, unleashing an unexpected test of their signature fried chicken and sweet glazed donuts.

Photo courtesy of KFC

The star of this new test launch is the Chicken & Donuts sandwich, which puts a fried chicken breast in between two glazed donuts. You can get this mashup for $5.99 on its own or as part of a combo for $7.99.

Photo courtesy of KFC

For those that prefer to keep things somewhat separate, you can also order a platter of fried chicken (bone-in or tenders) and donuts. A tray containing chicken and one donut costs $5.49, while a bigger meal option with two donuts is $7.49.

KFC is currently testing these for a limited time in just 41 locations, all in the Virginia and Pennsylvania area. The addresses of all of those locations can be found below:



If this test goes well, like KFC’s Chicken and Waffles in the past, there’s a good chance we’ll see these going nationwide soon.

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