For the First Time in 5 Years, McDonald’s Creates New Breakfast Sandwiches

It’s been a minute since McDonald’s released a new breakfast sandwich. Five years, to be exact. The last new morning item to hit the Golden Arches was the Egg White Delight McMuffin back in 2013. Kind of a wait, especially since other fast food chains have been crunching new items pretty regularly.

After half a decade of an arguably solid breakfast menu, McDonald’s finally announced the addition of three new sandwiches set to hit stores November 1.

Called the Triple Breakfast Stacks, one would find the contents of three breakfast items piled together in one glorious savory mound. Each sandwich features two sausage patties, two slices of cheese, eggs, and bacon strips. Guests can choose between a McMuffin, Biscuits, or a McGriddle as the bun that brings all that protein together.

NRN reported that the McDonald’s market share at breakfast had slipped in the third quarter. Steve Easterbrook, McDonald’s CEO, acknowledged during a call that the company had not introduced anything new to the breakfast game for a long time.

Easterbrook said that McDonald’s team was working to respond to this slump.

One day later, the three breakfast sandwiches were announced. According to McDonald’s, the three new sandwiches were inspired by secret menu creations from customers. With the new stacks, breakfast fans can get a taste of every kind of breakfast ingredient McDonald’s offers in a single bite.

As someone who’s ordered a Sausage McGriddle with added bacon and substituting the folded egg for a round egg, it’ll be much easier to order one of these sandwiches to fulfill my breakfast cravings.

The Triple Breakfast Stacks will hit stores next week and will be available through December.

Image courtesy of McDonald’s.

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