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Donut Fries Are Reportedly Coming to McDonald’s Breakfast Menu Soon

McDonald’s may be kicking off the new year with the addition of a hot breakfast treat: their own take on donut fries.

According to Business Insider, who obtained leaked internal documents from the fast food giant, they will be a limited-time offer sometime around February. You can order the Donut Sticks, as they’re called, by the half dozen, a half dozen bundled with a small coffee, or a full dozen.

This seems to be a play against Dunkin’, who took a bite out of McDonald’s breakfast market recently with the addition of their $2 Donut Fries. The leaked Donut Sticks are similarly priced, with the half-dozen bundle and coffee going for $1.99, the half dozen on their own pricing at $1.29, and a dozen selling for $2.39.

If confirmed, this could be a big new value item for McDonald’s that would make it an even bigger player in the fast food breakfast game. McDonald’s representatives did not confirm any information in the leaked documents, telling Foodbeast in a statement to “expect more delicious and craveable news to come in 2019.”

Written by Constantine Spyrou. Published with permission from FOODBEAST.com

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