Disney World Unveils Gourmet Cotton Candy, Including a BBQ Flavor

    While Southern California residents are gearing up for the much-anticipated opening of Disney’s Star Wars Land, Walt Disney World in Florida has a different reason to be hyped this summer in the form of new gourmet cotton candies.

    Disney Food Blog reported that the resort and theme park has unveiled a line of cotton candies that are now available at Goofy’s Candy Company in Disney Springs.

    New flavors include Root Beer, Sour AppleStrawberry Banana, Key Lime, and Sweet Mesquite.

    Disney Food Blog notes that the Sweet Mesquite had a smokiness to its aroma, but was on the sweeter side rather than savory. Essentially, it tasted similar to a BBQ chip.

    As a fan of anything and everything BBQ related, this is a must-try if I’m ever at the Florida theme park. Hopefully they stay on the menu for an extended amount of time.

    Photos courtesy of Disney Food Blog.

    Written by Peter Pham. Published with permission from FOODBEAST.com

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