Crepes Get Turned Into ‘Pasta’ in This Delicious Take on Dessert

Crepes Get Turned Into 'Pasta' In This Delicious Take On Dessert

    Fettuccine Crepes!

    Fettucine for dessert, anyone? Crepe pastas are now a thing! 😍

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    If you’re looking for a crash course on how to do dessert pasta, this restaurant’s take could serve as the entire curriculum.

    At ChocoFruit in Anaheim, California, they serve up a Dessert Fettuccine that is the epitome of decadence. It utilizes sliced strips of sweet crepe as the “pasta,” and is coated with a triple layer of chocolate (white, milk, and dark) before being topped off with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sprinkles.

    All of the ingredients combine together for a creamy sauce comparable to chocolate “alfredo,” with the ice cream adding to the smooth, luscious treat. The crepes “fettuccine” adds a unique texture that will make you talk about the dessert pasta long after you slurp up the last “noodle.”

    ChocoFruit specializes in an assortment of dessert crepes, including one made with Lotus cookie butter that will entice fans of the legendary snack. The cookie butter and white chocolate intertwine in intricate designs that’ll make you want to snap photos of the treat for your Instagram feeds immediately.

    ChocoFruit’s crepe selection bridges the unique and familiar for a fun dessert experience, whether you go for the cookie butter or order pasta for dessert.

    Photos by Pete Pham

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