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Crawfish Ice Cream Exists and It Tastes Just Like a Crawfish Boil

Crawfish Ice Cream Exists And It Tastes Just Like A Crawfish Boil

Ever imagined what the spicy, savory, and oceanic flavors of a crawfish boil would be like in ice cream form? That concept is now a reality, thanks to Houston’s Red Circle Ice Cream.

The ice cream shop is known for creating a variety of unconventional flavors, ranging from durian and Hot Cheetos to Spicy Texas Chili and even BBQ ice cream. An ice cream imbued with the effervescence of a crawfish boil definitely fits into the category, and is already eliciting a wide variety of reactions.

Red Circle representatives told Foodbeast that so far, people have responded with everything ranging from “WHOA” to “WTF” reactions when seeing the new ice cream. The curious concoction is topped with a crawfish on Instagram photos just for show, but if you’re timid about eating one, it doesn’t actually come served with the crustacean.

What it does contain, however, is garlic, butter, and Cajun seasoning, which, when balanced with the sweetness of ice cream and crawfish, makes for an intriguing flavor that has people lined up to try a scoop.

Red Circle was planning on just having this available for a weekend, but due to demand, they’re going to keep selling it for the next few weeks and decide where to go from there.

Written by Constantine Spyrou. Published with permission from FOODBEAST.com.

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