Caviar Butter Might Be the Best Bougie Gift for Foodies This Holiday Season

Caviar butter

The treat yoself mentality is one that we wholeheartedly subscribe to around here. If you feel some type of way about doing so with a pinky up, then by all means, I encourage all to channel their inner epicurean. Which is why when butter caviar came across my radar, I knew that something so doubly decadent would be a prime treat to try.

Marky’s Caviar Butter, to be specific, is the product. And if you’re keen on giving your next bite a luxurious kick, then this is for you. A scoop of caviar butter will definitely elevate any meal this holiday season. Made with high-quality French butter and 35% Marky’s Osetra Caviar, this is the perfect bougie gift for yourself or a loved one. For context on how baller this caviar butter is, Osetra is one of the most prized and expensive kinds of caviar and is gathered from Osetra sturgeon.

Available for $68 at Madison and Florida locations of Marky’s Caviar, as well as via It’s the perfect bougie present for you or any fellow foodie.

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