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A Hot QUIZ for All You Bacon Lovers

bacon trivia Fried Bacon (selective focus) on an old vintage wooden table

So do you love bacon? Do you really love bacon? Okay. Then how well do you know bacon? Take this quizz to find out.


Well done, bacon lover!

Okay, have a salad! And better luck next time.

#1. One serving of bacon is...

#2. Bacon is a good helper when you have a...

#3. What food doesn't go with bacon?

#4. Where did bacon originate?

#5. How bacon is made?

#6. A funny fact about bacon is that...

#7. What is bacon made of?

#8. When frying bacon, it's important to...

#9. How many pounds of bacon consumes the average American over 1 year?

#10. Bacon is most eaten with...


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