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Chocolate Mini Cakes with Whipped Cream

Chocolate Mini Cakes with Whipped Cream

This is a masterpiece of chocolate decadence and, oh, so sweet! We’ve used two chocolate bars and digestive cookies for these mini cakes. And we’ve also whipped some cream for the topping. Garnish it with powdered cocoa and strawberries or anything else that comes to mind. Just enjoy them.

ladyfinger cupcakes with whipped cream

Ladyfinger Cupcakes with Whipped Cream

These are definitely not basic cupcakes, but the extra time investment is worth it. And the results will make you want to lick your fingers. Assemble the baked cupcakes by sticking the ladyfingers on them with some Nutella. Then fill them with whipped cream for a sweet but airy final touch.

How to Make Whipped Cream

How to Make Whipped Cream by Hand

How to Make Whipped Cream by HandWatch this video on YouTube Whipped cream is one of the essential elements of a complex and well thought out dessert. You can use it in your coffee and on your muffins. You can add it as topping to pie or on sad days eat it with a spoon. […]

5 Clever Ways to Use Leftover Whipped Cream.

5 Smart Ways to Use Leftover Whipped Cream

Do you have some leftover whipped cream in your fridge? Don’t throw it away! You’ll be surprised to find out how many (delicious) uses it can have.  Whipped cream is one of life’s small pleasures – not only does it enhance the taste of your desserts but it also helps them look fabulous! Whenever I […]

strawberry and whipped cream muffins

Strawberry Muffins Topped with Whipped Cream

Do you like muffins? If you do why not learn how to make them yourself? They’re a perfect breakfast, brunch or snack item. The base for these ones is a baked mixture of whole wheat flour, plain flour, sugar, coconut oil, eggs, and milk. Then the strawberries and whipped cream come out on top and bring everything to new delicious heights!


Mint Chocolate Whipped Cream

This is tasty as a topping or as is. Chocolate tasty! We used dark chocolate which we melted through the bain-marie technique. We then mixed it with sugar and mint leaves ground together. We added whisked egg whites and whipped cream. The result can be served in different ways but we’ve chosen grated white chocolate and roasted pistachios as toppings.

Nutella and Whipped Cream French Toast -

Nutella and Whipped Cream French Toast

Make this Nutella and whipped cream stuffed french toast if you feel the need for something sugary this morning! Don’t worry it’s ready in just a sec and is truly delicious! If you don’t have whipped cream on hand, just use only Nutella – it can’t go wrong!

Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake -

Strawberry Whipped Cream Cake

Are you a cake newbie? Then here is a simple, basic recipe to get you started on this adventure. Here’s how to make a cake from scratch. Start with the sponge cake and separate it in layers. Fill it with whipped cream and fresh strawberries. You can make this in under an hour, so it works even if you’re in a hurry!