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Blackberry Ice Pops

Blackberry Ice Pops

What do Keto and summer icy snacks have in common? They surely have these ice pops. Blend and refrigerate 4 ingredients to enjoy these frozen healthy refreshments on a stick. Mildly sour blueberries sweetened and flavored with sugar-free vanilla and with a touch of sage.

no-bake mango and blackberry cheesecake

No-Bake Mango and Blackberry Cheesecake

Colorful and beautifully assembled, this no-bake cake is easy and fun to make and it can put your family’s teamwork skills to the test. Make this cool and creamy summer refreshment fruity by mixing in mango puree and blackberry jam. Top it with blackberries, kumquat, and coconut-covered Raffaellos.

Blackberry and Raspberry Tart

Blackberry and Raspberry Tart

What do we have for tonight’s dessert? We want you to make this famous baked traditional dish known as a tart. The recipe we recommend combines the special texture of the tart pastry with the colorful and textured forest fruits – blackberries and raspberries.

Duck Breast Salad with Brie and Blackberry Jam -

Duck Breast Salad with Brie and Blackberry Jam

If you’re in the mood for a fresh, interesting new salad recipe, check this out! We are hugely in favor of the ones which add some nice meat to the veggies, so here is an example with fried duck breast! Add some lettuce, mushrooms, bell peppers, and of course, brie cheese, with its distinct and strong flavor, to the meat. For an extra sweet touch, we added a few raisins and just the right amount of blackberry jam!

Duck Breast with Blackberry Sauce -

Duck Breast with Blackberry Sauce

Properly cooked duck is uniquely tasty. And that’s why you should consider including it in your menu, at least from time to time! To boost the flavor of a pan fried duck breast, serve it with a sweet sauce. Like this one made with red wine and blackberries!

Apple, Goji and Mango Salad with Hot Citrus Dressing

9 Berry Recipes Perfect for the Season

Other than simply topping or garnishing with them, berries can be used in more original and involved ways when you choose to cook with them. Here, we use them not only for sweet foods but we integrate them into savory berry recipes as well.  Sea buckthorn, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, red currants, and goji are our […]

Skittles Has A New Flavor That Tastes Gross On Purpose -

Skittles Has A New Flavor That Tastes Gross On Purpose

Halloween seems to come earlier every year with product roll outs, and this year Skittles is one of its earliest contributors. They recently launched their new Zombie Skittles, a new pack that comes with five normal fruit flavors: Petrifying Citrus Punch, Mummified Melon, Chilling Black Cherry, Boogeyman Blackberry, and Blood Red Berry — and one […]

Brilliant Ways To Eat Watermelon.

Brilliant Ways To Eat Watermelon

Watermelon is the fruit superstar in the summer. If you’ve only eaten it as is until now, maybe it’s time to spice things up! It may seem eccentric at first sight, but you’ll love these fresh ways to eat watermelon! Let’s talk about this sweet, refreshing fruit, which represents the epitome of summer! Watermelon is […]